Via: Daily Prompt: Bespoke

So today is the first day I chose to use the daily prompt and the word is bespoke!  Not exactly a word I would choose to write about.  I looked up the word in the dictionary and was surprised to see that it actually had nothing to do with speaking at all, but was actually in reference to custom made clothing.

This got me thinking to this Friday’s Christmas party and my need to purchase and Ugly Christmas Sweater for the event.  I suppose I could bespoke my on making pom-poms from yarn and ribbons, but I do not believe that at the juncture I truly have the time necessary to create anything.  The idea of purchasing an ugly sweater is not appealing at all, but the thought of winning the cash prize does.

Christmas brings me mixed emotions each year.  I love the festive atmosphere and the story of Jesus, but I do not like the rude people that abound in the stores, the commercialization or the loneliness I often feel during this season.  It is not always easy. I am looking forward to the two weeks that I will be off from work though 🙂

So although my ugly sweater will not be bespoken, but an off the hanger variety, I am hoping it will add some holiday cheer to Friday evenings festivities.



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