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Maddening Conversations

Daily Prompt: Maddening



Lately I find myself less inclined to talk to people.  I love having conversations that involve lively banter and even occasionally an educated argument about social problems or politics.  An in depth discussion of a well written novel, to the plot and character development of the latest movie.

So why be less inclined?  Intelligent conversation seems to be a rarity in this day of social media.  If one more person says “I saw it on Facebook”.  Just because someone made a meme does not mean that it is true.  How do you argue with ignorance?

The art of conversing is on a decline.  Oftentimes people are not really listening.  They are only waiting for their turn to speak.  It is interesting to me when I am talking to someone about a topic and when it is their turn they don’t even acknowledge the topic, but  go in an all new direction.  To often we talk over each other without even hearing what the other person was trying to say.  Or we infer what we think was being said and don’t take the time to clarify.

It is maddening to be talking to the one upper.  There seems to be one in every work place. Whatever you may be sharing they have been there, done that, and did it better.  The downer is another conversation killer.  You just went to the concert of the year and you are in the best of moods and they say, “Yeah, I went to a concert.  I was robbed and my car had a flat tire when we left.”  Oh.  Suddenly being in a good mood seems out of place.

My least favorite at the moment is the person who only wants to have a conversation when your life is in shambles.  What?!  Your life isn’t perfect?  Oh, tell me all about it so I can tell everyone else.  I have someone in my life.  I always try to redirect the conversation to something upbeat and positive.  Usually I finally say I am busy and have to go.

There are many more maddening conversations I am sure, but the above are just some of my pet peeves.  I thank the Lord that there are still people in the world who enjoy a lively conversation.  That can agree to disagree and have fun doing so.

Speaking of maddening conversations.  My company Christmas party is in a half hour so I suppose I should get ready and hob nob with the people that I don’t talk to all week :-/


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