Fishing to Recharge

Daily Prompt: Fishing


Woke up this morning to temperatures in the twenties, a thin layer of snow covered by a thick layer of ice, and the knowledge that I am going to be stuck in the house today.

Oh to be sitting in my folding camping chair with a good book, my camera and my favorite fishing rod!  I love finding a little unknown nook where I can sit and enjoy the quiet beauty.  I will try to hike into an area where there is little to no chance of being discovered by another human.  I am not here to socialize.  I am here to unwind, recharge, and meditate with a fishing rod.

I am admittedly a lazy fisherman.  I place a big fat worm on the hook.  I place a giant bobber  on and toss the line in.  I pull out my book and settle in to enjoy some quiet time.   Here I feel the closest to the memory of my grandpop.  Here I don’t have to worry how I look or if I am forgetting something.  I can just get lost in my book or taking pictures or drawing or just simply doing nothing.

Occasionally my reverie is interrupted when my bobber sinks and my line is being pulled out and then it is game on!!  I love when I catch a fish that has fight and the challenge of bringing it to shore.  I have been teased often about my worm and bobber, but over the years I have caught some prize worthy fish in this fashion.


I differ from my grandpop in that I am mostly a catch and release fisher.  Fishing for me is more of a way to relax and get away from it all.

For the next several months I can only dream of being out by the lake enjoying the sun on my face and gentle lapping of the waves hitting the shore.  Now is the season for me to hibernate.

I think is is so important to know what it takes for you to recharge.  These days we live in a world where we are constantly over stimulated by the news, work, social media, our families and life in general.  Some people need to be around people the recharge.  Some need to go shopping.  Whatever it is that you need.  I suggest you get in touch with that part of yourself.

I already know that tomorrow I will need to find a quiet pursuit to recoup from two Christmas parties in two nights.  Although I am considered an extrovert I need to balance that out with quiet time.  My recharge comes from fishing, hiking, painting, or photography.

What do you need to bring your life back into balance?


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