Journal / The Daily Prompt

A Mad Season

Daily Prompt: Moody

Mother Nature has chosen to moodily let us know here in Eastern PA that winter is only days away.  One day the sun is shining so brightly it blinds you when you walk outside, but the wind is whipping an arctic blast so hard that it finds every unprotected crevice.  Sending shivers down your spine and making a mockery of the layers worn to protect your sensitive skin from her bitter touch.

The next day a lovely layer of fine snow covers the yard and trees.  As I admire the beauty I notice how heavy the pines are.  Almost touching the ground.  I walk outside and realize the thin layer of snow is covered by a thick layer of ice.  The world is frozen and held in an icy grip.  The porch and walkway require acrobatic skills and supreme balance in order to traverse my way to my crystal covered car.

Move forward twenty-four hours.  The temperatures are in the high fifties, but for most of the day it has resembled dusk.  When the sun dared to peak out the clouds rushed like a frenzied swarm of angry bees to snuff out the light.  The clouds have roiled and rolled across the sky.  Pale grays blending in with charcoal to the ominous deep purple.  At various points throughout the day the heavily laden clouds released a deluge of rain that came down in such proportions as to render visibility to scant feet.

Should the weatherman be correct in there predictions her moodiness will remain in full effect as evening turns into day again.  Going from almost sixty to a mere ten degrees with wind chills in the minus.

Having said most of this with tongue in cheek I must admit that I am not a huge fan of winter.  I am not a lover of winter sports.  I do not relish having to dress in layers and have my hair mussed by hats.  I myself tend to get a tad bit moody when I am stuck in the house but most especially when I don’t see the sun for twenty four-hours.

It is times like this when I am most thankful for a soft blanket, a good book, and a warm cup of tea.  Hibernating until Mother Nature gets her moods under control.


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