Journal / The Daily Prompt

The Home Stretch


Only days before Christmas.  This week has been anything but calm.  I have been working long hours in order to assure that everything runs smoothly for the two weeks that I am gone.  I have been burning the candle at both ends and I am beginning to feel the burn.

I am so ready for vacation and the less hectic pace.  I wouldn’t mind so much if I was or felt appreciated at work, but I am not that lucky.  I lost my enthusiasm for this job quite a while ago.  There is no such thing as praise or thank yous.  Just the expectation that you will do more.

The good news is I achieved all my goals.  With all my work tasks completed I am ready to relax and enjoy some quiet time in my life.

Sorry, it is early and I am a bit crabby this morning.  I have been so tired that I have come home each day and just face planted in bed so I am very behind on everything else.  I have to run now and finish this day.  I will most likely update this when I finish my day.  It is only an eight hour one.  Yay!!


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