Overlooked Destinations

This past Saturday I chose to do something that got me out of my comfort zone and I am so happy that I did!!

Last year when I had to break down and buy a new RELIABLE car I decided I was going to explore some trails in Pennsylvania with my camera.  The huge state run parks are great, but often overcrowded.  I wanted to be able to explore and actually see things in the wild.  This is how I discovered Natural Lands Trust.  Their nature preserves offer a wonderful opportunity to get out, hike and explore without the disruptions of an over crowded park filled with people who aren’t looking to see the local birds or animals.

Natural Lands Trust is in Eastern PA/NJ, but there are land trusts throughout the country.  I considered making a list here, but there are literally thousands!!  A good place to start is on Wikipedia.  This is a pretty substantial list.  Also search for “nature preserves near me”, which is how I found Natural Lands Trust.

So as to Saturday’s adventure!  One of the preserves had a Movie and Dinner night.  It was free (right in my price range!)  I just had to bake up some cookies and get there.  I got a little nervous when I realized that I was not going to know a single person at the event.  My natural inclination to shy away from these situations began to kick in, but I had already driven the hour to get there in heavy fog.  I didn’t really want to turn around and head back home or worse yet to my local watering hole.  So I told myself to enjoy the adventure and worse come to worse if I hated it I wouldn’t do it again.

I am very happy to say that I had the time of my life.  The first person I talked to was a gentleman around my age and we talked about hiking trails, birds, animals, photography and cats.  Yep, a cat person 🙂  Having not dated for five years it was a tad strange at first, but starting out on very common ground with many of the same interests made it much easier.  No, we did not exchange numbers or any of that, but we sat together all evening and at the end went out of his way to say good-bye to me.  This is a monthly event and I have already signed up for next month.  You never know, right?

All and all it was a very successful evening.  The food was delicious and the variety was astounding. I will have to get a bit more creative next month!!  I think learning to get back out into the world is going to be a huge leap into a more positive future 🙂


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