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Make it Fun

I am sure that I am not the only one who wakes up on Monday mornings and things “Oh God, here we go again!”  I can honestly say that at the age of fifty I thought I would be doing something much different than going into a job that is less than stellar everyday and yet here I am.

Three years ago when I decided to change careers I was drawn in by the promises made to me doing the several interviews.  I had visions of promotions and great financial gain.  This was all so appealing after years of scraping pennies together just to make ends meet.  In my head I saw myself getting that much needed faster computer and the camera equipment I wanted.  It wasn’t meant to be.  After the initial promises the reality set in.  There wasn’t going to be any promotions or big money.

For the past year I have been angry and frustrated with my job.  I am required to do more and more because I am the “reliable” one and yet there is always a reason why there won’t be a raise.  I work in a rather disorganized environment so my ability to organize and multi task has been a real boost to the way things are done in our department.

I think it is in the human DNA to always be looking for the next best thing.  The next best relationship, car, house, job, and the list goes on.  In the process we often forget to appreciate what we have at the moment.

In the case of my job switch I wasn’t really looking for the next best thing, but a career and a salary that would keep a roof over my head.  I started my job with eagerness and worked my butt off to prove that I was worthy of all the promises made during the hiring process.  I soon became aware of a couple of things.  There was a low morale throughout the warehouse, nobody seemed to care very much about their jobs, and some people just milked their way through the day doing the bare minimum in their eight hours.

Initially I would offer encouragement and try to explain ways in which we could be more efficient and productive.  I was looked at as if I were an alien from another planet and wasting everybody’s time.  Eventually I became as apathetic as everyone else and just did the silent stew, but then my blood pressure began to spike and I was plagued with other minor health issues.  All of this because of a job?

That is when I decided to just make it fun.  I have learned to accept that this job is never going to fulfill it’s promises, but until I find a job that pays the same (or more) I am not really in a position to leave.  No job is worth losing your health over.  Everyday I look for the humor in every situation.  I make jokes of the negativity, work to make people laugh and continue to do my job to the best of my ability.

On the days I don’t do this I can feel the drain on my psyche.  I will leave work with a headache, aches and pains, and a feeling of blah.  If you have a job or anything in your life that is draining you, don’t, find a way to make it better.  Sadly not everyone can just change careers, or move to a new city, but we can change the way we react to our surroundings.  So what if people look at you oddly or wonder why you are smiling when everyone else is miserable.  Be the light.  It is so much better than living in the darkness.


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