Be Brave Challenge / Journal

I am Committed

Day two of the “Be Brave Challenge”

I am making two of the commitments today.  This I will consider my public statement of commitment.  Doesn’t really get more public than writing it on your blog.  I am also adopting a morning routine.  For me this will be doing a blog entry and fifteen minutes of yoga to clear my mind and get ready for the day.  I think this will not only help me with my challenge, but help me get in the right frame of mind for facing whatever work holds in store for me each day.

Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.

The above statement is so true.  How often have you said you are going to stick to a diet, an exercise routine or activity?  This could also apply to relationships or a new job. The excitement get’s you fueled and you can’t wait to start, but as the initial excitement wears off and the reality sets in it is easy to find excuses or put it off until later.  Usually later doesn’t really come so you eventually just give up and never complete what you started.

For me this challenge is important because I tend to be the personality that quits when the initial excitement wears off.  I believe that making even small micro acts of bravery each day will help me with my discipline.  I believe the repetition will help me to transform and become more steadfast.  I realize that some days will be harder than others, but I have the self-discipline to own it and stay on course.  In this way I believe I will have better days where choices will be made that are brave, stepping through the fear and into action.

So today’s challenge is completed 🙂


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