Be Brave Challenge / Journal

I AM Self Aware

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“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”  – ABRAHAM MASLOW

Our capacity to charge forward in life confidently often relies solely on our ability to truly know ourselves.  This can be difficult at times considering how many labels are placed upon us from birth.  Are you the smart one?  The class clown?  The chubby one?  The talker?  The loner?  Were you told that you were going to be the next president or were you the one told that you were going to amount to nothing?

Our ability to peel away these labels; whether good or bad; is how we find out who we are and who we truly want to be.  When we can become self-aware we can begin to use our strengths and accept our weaknesses.  We often see our weaknesses and want to prove we aren’t weak and concentrate on them so fiercely that we forget to take advantage of our strengths.

It can be very difficult to truly be honest with ourselves in regards to our true strengths and weaknesses, but if we can dig deeper ad find a better understanding of ourselves we can be mindful of our emotional reactions to challenging situation and learn to skillfully navigate through our lives.

Today’s challenge:

One of my greatest strengths has always been:  My ability to make people, even strangers, feel comfortable.  I enjoy getting to know people and seem to have a gift at putting people at ease.

One of my greatest weaknesses has always been: Being to emotional.  I tend to take things to heart and it can have an affect on my entire day.

In closing I think this is still an area I need a lot of work on and the above two statements could change as I delve further into becoming more self-aware.






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