21 Days at a Time / Journal / The Daily Prompt

Day 6: Progress

DSC_8203 copy

My first impression of the stop smoking program is very positive.  I am below the allowed cigarettes by a rather substantial amount also.  I truly thought I hadn’t made any progress on my own, but it would seem that I was mistaken.  I am feeling good today about this decision.

I also added a new dimension to my challenge.  I left Facebook.  It was a rather spur of the moment decision, but I feel it is the right one in my goal to quit smoking.  I know it seems like an odd parallel, but in my case it is paramount that I distance myself from all the drama that shows up in my feed on a daily basis.  I used to start my day out with a cup of coffee, a smoke, and scanning Facebook.  At each break at work I would smoke a cigarette and scan Facebook, and so forth and so I my day would go.

Somehow my single personal challenge has grown into a more substantial challenge than I originally planned.

It is interesting to me how these things work.  We know something has to change, but it actually takes many changes to achieve our goal.  I have read so many different ways to quit smoking, but have never really read anywhere where it was explained as a journey.  At least for me it is a journey.  Each day I am discovering something new about myself and understanding what my triggers are, what is just habit, and learning to replace this unhealthy habit with some new and oftentimes surprisingly satisfying habits 🙂  It is amazing!

Change your THOUGHT’s and you change your WORLD
—Norman Vincent Peale

Isn’t that the truest statement?  Everyday I am looking to my thoughts and seeing where I need to change them so that I can reach my goal.


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