21 Days at a Time / Journal / The Daily Prompt

Day 8: Transformation

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I could have never guessed how comitting myself to some simple changes I was going to change in so many different ways.  This all started out because I wanted to become more comitted to this blog.  I was tired of the doubts that plagued me about whether or not I had anything to say when I knew I did.

I liked the comparison between trying to break a bad habit and start a new one.  As I have honestly stated the quitting of smoking has been difficult, but I am sticking to the app that I downloaded and each day I am striving to be below the level of cigerettes allowed for that day and so far I have been successful.   I have also stuck to my post a day.  The first time I have ever done so.

Each day I am finding that this new sticktoitness is beginning to totally change my outlook on a lot of things.  I am really looking at my interests and things I have always wanted to do, but either wasn’t able or didn’t have the courage to follow through on what I started.

Today I began to purge my home.  I mean completely purge.  I started with the kitchen and already have boxes filled with stuff to give away or donate to local charity.  It was interesting to me how once the decision was made there was little to no hesitation on my part.  I had so many of those grocery isle cookbooks.  You know the ones that come out every couple of weeks?  Irish and Pillsbury, Christmas and New Years, the list of them was endless.  I can’t remember the last time I used one and many I never did.  I am led to believe that the only reason I kept them is because I spent money on them and felt guilty getting rid of them.  Oh!  The gadget’s!!  Good Lord I had a gadget for everything and also came to realize that I had multiples of many.  Most were relegated to the bottom drawer where I burried them with no idea what I was going to do with them.

Why do we hold onto so much stuff?  I already mentioned the guilt factor.  If you bought it and spent money on it then it must be needed?  I also seemed to have some weird obsession with keeping magazines that I might one day refer back to.  Nope!  I just relegated them to a top shelf in the back.  In the midst of all of this I was surprised that I began locating items that I actually needed and wanted but had no idea where they had disappeared to.

This purge is not only clearing space, but clearing my head as well.  There is something soothing and almost theraputic about getting rid of the clutter.  It is also decluttering my head and giving me much needed breathing room in my life.

As to the Facebook.  Wasn’t even tempted today.  I am loving the extra time I have in my day to do other things and not be bombarded with memes, drama, and the new social norm.  Today I was thinking that should I decide to go back onto Facebook at any point it might be to start a group for people like me.  People who want to make positive change in their lives.  People who are challenging themselves, but need some encouragement and guidence along the way.  I really like that idea 🙂

Well tomorrow is going to be crazy at work.  It is time for the annuel car show and everyone has edgy nerves.  So much fun!  Until tomorrow.  Enjoy all your blessings.



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