21 Days at a Time / Journal

Day 10: Enjoying the Day

untitled shoot-6403-1

Today was just a nice day to spend with my grandson and daughter. Of course Kolton woke me up at 5:30 this morning so I am exhausted!  When my daughter got here we went to my companies car show.  We did a little shopping and spent some time going through old family pictures.

After they left I laid back and took a nap, something I rarely ever do, but it felt remarkable.  The day started with a heavy fog and an early morning downpour.  Then the rain got truly insane.  The deluge was so heavy that at times it was difficult to see anything at all from the window.  A good day to be a little lazy and just enjoy some quiet time.

As I am writing this the thunder is beginning to rumble somewhere off in the distance.  It is going to be one of those weekends I believe.  Although if you look at the picture above you will see that the sun came out just long enough for me to capture a picture.  I love the face in the petals.

As to everything else.  I am doing well all the way around.  I stayed busy and occupied today.  Still sticking to the plan for smoking and still not on Facebook.  I did not purge anything today, but I did cook tofu for the first time.  I was not thrilled.  It is most likely the recipe I picked.  The texture was good, but the lack of flavor did not thrill me.  I don’t plan on becoming a vegan or even a full vegetarian, but I am liking the plant based days that I have in my weekly meal plans now.

Another night where my eyes are closing while I am typing.  I realize this wouldn’t happen if I started writing in the morning.  Something I should look into 🙂


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