When in Doubt


Didn’t sleep well again last night, but this is becoming the norm these days.  I can’t seem to turn my thoughts off.  I pulled up these pictures this morning because they make me smile.  I wish I knew what happened from this day until now.

Everyday I remind myself that my plans are not God’s plans and that although this is tough, it won’t last forever.  That truth gives me an amount of peace that I need in my life. Family is complicated.

Yesterday I got a text from my sister after she read about my high blood pressure on Facebook.  I have struggled with my blood pressure for almost two years now.  Have we gotten so far from human touch that if it isn’t on social media it isn’t real?  Of course this sister doesn’t ever answer her phone and only communicates through social media and text.  I hate texting and rarely post anything on Facebook that has to do with family problems or health problems so I suppose my family really doesn’t have a clue about my life at all :-/

I am happy with my progress towards a healthier life style.  I am investing in me.  It doesn’t change anything going on with my children but it does make me feel better.  The 21 Day Fix Extreme workout is killer!!!  I still haven’t made it through an entire workout without tapping out, but I am lasting longer everyday 🙂  Now I just need to get some healthy food in my house and I will be set!

I am going to make today a great day.